Naughty By Majors - The Sex Tape Vol. 3 Luv 'n' Lust Valentine's Edition

By Lee Majors on 12:19 pm

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Back with a bangin' R&B mix-tape for Valentine's weekend, who else could it be???

Ordinarily 'The Sex Tape' is just that, music to get down (and dirty!) to... However for this most special weekend of 2009 I had to mix it up with a little romance for that ass, and so here we have Naughty By Majors - The Sex Tape Vol.3... Luv 'n' Lust Valentine's Edition ;)

Another Special Edition 2 CD joint is what I'm serving up right here, with all the latest and sexiest cuts of the moment for all you connoisseurs of the finest, most up front R&B out there right now.

Featuring BRAND NEW music from T-Pain, Lil' Wayne, Big Boi (of Outkast), Ne-Yo, Bobby Valentino, Ray-J, One Chance, Ginuwine and many more, this is that shit to get you in the mood... Don't miss out on what will surely be one of the HOTTEST R&B mixtapes of 2009!!!

We Interrupt Your Broadcast Part 3

Click here to download the mixtape!!!

Peace... Back for 2009 and I'm here with that HEAT!!! This is my first Hip Hop joint of 2009 and I'm definitely thinking this is the shape of things to come... There are far too many DJ's out there right now who really don't deserve the title, dudes that can't mix, can't even pick out the ill selection on a computer, well I'm gunnin' for you fraud bitches this year and this is just the start... Back to the tape though, and how could I not jump off with a little back & forth between Sai & Joey? I generally steer clear of a lot of these so called 'beefs' nowadays but this one is different, both these cats can actually spit, check it out and make your own conclusions, I know I got mine :) Termanology got a couple of joints on here, check him absolutely destroy the Billy Paul sampling Let The Dollar Circulate produced by the legendary J-Dilla (and recently flipped by Don Cannon for a certain Young Jeezy)... Speaking of legendary producers you got a couple of Premo joints on here, Blaq Poet steps up first with a true Hip Hop anthem... Ain't Nuttin' Changed is one of those real Hip Hop club bangers with a lifetime guarantee, added to that I got the street joint from 50 Cent on here, Shut Ur Bloodclot Mouth... It does sound like it took Preem about 10 minutes to knock this one out, although they do say the simplest shit is often the best, check it for yourselves... Keeping it G-Unit, Lloyd Banks also got a couple of joints on the tape both with a definite 90's flava, Mind On Murder has that classic 90's filtered bassline and New Pussy, well, personally I never tire of the sample on this joint, do you know it :) ? I got what sounds like some unreleased material from Nas' last album on the mixtape, a real interesting track produced by Green Lantern, definitely in keeping with his recent artistic approach, as well as a SICK new street track from Juelz Santana which even quotes some seminal Smif n Wessun material, definitely endearing to a 90's kid like myself :) Featuring for the first time on a DJ Lee Majors mixtape is my homie Cartel out of NYC, look forward to a feature mixtape from him in the coming months too maybe even featuring Major Surveillance on the tracks :) To wrap up the tape how better than remembering arguably the 2 most important Hip Hop artists of our time, with Jadakiss' Letter To BIG and Maino's Letter To Pac... 100

Naughty By Majors - The Sex Tape Vol. 2 - Hosted by AHMIR

By Lee Majors on 3:26 am

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Download the mixtape right here !!!

Wassup my people what's good ? Yo, here is my latest R&B mixtape 'Naughty By Majors - The Sex Tape Volume 2' and for this one, well, I guess it's just that time of year so I had to hook you up right... 2 CD's... Yeah 2 CD's of the most grown, most sexy R&B music that's out there right now... You know I lace you with the good stuff, well here it is... This one is hosted by AHMIR, based out in Boston and these dudes are OFFICIAL... Tracks like 'Show Me', 'Who You Gonna Call', 'I Need A Girl' - as well as a cover of Jodeci 'Love U 4 Life' (so you know how we gettin' down!) all feature on the tape and are all CRAZY... You know I only f**k with that dope shit, much love to AHMIR for gettin' down with a dude, real recognise real homies !

It's been a minute since my last R&B tape, so you know I had a few joints in the stash... You got all the hottest, latest music on here from artists such as Keyshia Cole, Chris Brown, J. Holiday, Jagged Edge, Janet Jackson, Justin Timberlake, Mya, Ginuwine, Jamie Foxx and Raheem Devaughn... If it's the last thing you do this year (or the first thing you do in '09!) cop the joint and holla @ ya boy... I'm here!!!

National Security - Hosted by Lucky Don

National Security Hosted by Lucky Don - Download here !!!

So it's finally here, my latest mixtape in association with The 7 Day Theory - 'National Security' hosted by Lucky Don out of Brooklyn, New York... Featuring a LOT of new music, the mixtape blasts off with some words from Luck, as well as a cameo from the dude Uncle Murda, charismatic as always ! Following that in true BK tradition you got the new joint from Jay-Z featuring Santogold, Brooklyn Go Hard, which is one of the leading tracks from the forthcoming movie based on the life of the great B.I.G, 'Notorious'... I tried to feature as much music as I could on this one, as it has taken a little longer to drop than I imagined, the mixtape is packed with new material from dudes like Red Cafe, Freeway, Styles P, Nas, Ransom, NORE, Ludacris and Crooked I amongst many more, including a dude I'm really feelin right now out of Carolina by the name of Derty Den (shout out to Rikers!), I'm expecting big things from this cat so peep the dude ! Of course my man Luck features throughout the tape with that real street-hop, look out for his new joint 'On My Grind' too, that shit's fresh outta the studio right there... Don't forget to check my man's website too So get your download on, this is that real shit, I do this !!!'

Naughty By Majors - The Sex Tape Vol. 1

By Lee Majors on 6:49 am

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Naughty By Majors - The Sex Tape Vol. 1 - Download here !!!

Here it is people, the first 'official' Naughty By Majors mixtape ! This series started out a few months back, when I was fuckin around trying to get a Slow Jam playlist together, which turned into a mixtape (without a cover) which has now evolved into a SEX TAPE :)

Press RECORD and do the DAMN THAAANG !!!

The Camera Neva Lies Hosted By K.Sparks

The Camera Neva Lies Hosted By K.Sparks - Download here!!!

Here is my latest mixtape The Camera Neva Lies, hosted by Queens, NYC emcee K.Sparks... Really with this one I wanted to (and apologies for this tired ass phrase but...) keep it real (damn that sounds dated - the year is 1995, the artist(s) is/are Milkbone, Jamal, Lost Boyz et al)... So yea, what with K.Sparks being well known as an emcee with integrity and respect for the artform, this just made sense. So the title is definitely relevant again, something I strive to make happen, you won't really see a 'Hardbody Maj presents Weather Control: Rain, Sleet, Hail, Snow mane - The Trilla Monsoon Edition' (EDIT - You really should though that title is seriously incredible:) But back on topic anyway, in keeping with my Major Surveillance entertainment, you have the 'The Camera' reference and with the real Hip Hop element you have 'Neva Lies' duhhh, just in case you couldn't figure it out and also for me to quickly brag about how this shit is supposed to be put down!

Moving on to the music K.Sparks features heavy on this joint, with around 6 tracks, his latest joint is Young Malcolm which has just dropped and is already receiving a lot of support online... Also look out for Underdogz, which is probably my favourite track that K.Sparks laced me with right here, produced by Jake One from Seattle (I'm from a city fa rilly called u don't wanna battle)...

Following Sparks we also have Starks, Tony that is, who does his usual thing and spits all over a classic, over the original vocals! You wouldn't expect anything less though really from Monsieur Killah would you... Dope shit (What the f**k the headboard is broken!!!)... Big up Free with another soulful banger (produced by Blunt again???) titled The Revolution, Stat Quo with his own Dear Summer in I Am Hip Hop, as well as a HOT song (and I say song as it is REALLY is a song to me this one) from Joe (Joey) Budden(s) LOL you know how much it annoys me when people drop Buddens, check his albums, do you see an 'S'???... My favourite line should be about the tape in his tape deck but I just can't help but enjoy 'I'm soooo perverted' above everything else. Joey says he was 'kinda nervous' back in the day, I guess a lot of us were, but I have always been 'soooo perverted', which makes me feel like a big man, really... Speaking of Joey, check for the Slaughterhouse joint on there, though I think it's a close one with Crooked I and 'J.O.E double what I never take' for best verse on this one, although Ortiz probably just about clinches it with his dead rapper tribute (I was always more Pun than Pac, sorry Crooked!), I'm actually just pleased that I heard someone lace this beat with a 'freestyle' - it's originally off of that Red Cafe/DJ Envy album the The Co-op and was one of my favourite tracks on there, Invincible I think it was called.

Until next time though, I'm Audi... Shout out to K.Sparks, Tiffany Wells and my man Gmen GFX... 1000000000000000000000000000000!!!

We Interrupt Your Broadcast Part 2

We Interrupt Your Broadcast Part 2 - Download here!!!

Wassup people... Here is Part 2 of We Interrupt Your Broadcast... I had to take it to the streets with this one right here. Kickin' off the tape is a joint I am feelin' STRONG right now, I was sayin' to Lucky Don, if this shit ain't about to be the biggest track in NYC right now the game really is twisted, get behind that shit and request it on your Radio Stations, the joint is FIRE...

As well on here we got brand new music from King Phaze featuring Styles P, Sheek Louch and DMX!!! Good to hear X back with that hunger, everybody knows he's had some problems so good lookin' out to X, good to hear you back like this homie...

With this mixtape I really just wanted to serve up the illest, realest, shit out there right now... Especially look out for new music from my man Tom Gist outta Dipset, there's a crazy joint on there from the dude E Ness, 90's cats are definitely gonna be into that one, check for the break, that's some classic shit for real. Also look out for my man Vic Damone outta Queens, he's down with Def Squad, the track features Redman and Rick Ross, that's a banger... Also shout out to my man Prospect Penz, if you ain't familiar with the kid yet you need to take notice, definitely a new artist you should look out for...


We Interrupt Your Broadcast!!!

We Interrupt Your Broadcast!!! - Download here!!!

Here it is the jump off mixtape under Major Surveillance... As some of you might know I have been doing a few mixtapes lately to kind of get into a work rate, although they were trial mixtapes, practice shots. They were also Slow Jam mixtapes, and as much as that is something I'm gonna carry on with it wasn't really the way to jump off, first and foremost I am a Hip Hop DJ/Producer/Fan so I had to drop a Hip Hop mixtape first off...

Let me also start by saying that my approach to mixtapes is like this... It's a MIX tape!!! You know, you don't hear MIXtapes these days and without coming across as being old fashioned (???) if you can't/don't/won't mix then there can be a problem... There can also be a problem if you can't/don't/won't mix but you get on the mic with nowhere near the right kind of voice to be a voice DJ (I don't, so I don't). There is also the issue of committing both of these sins and relying on (poor) effects and (lame) drops to break up your (weak) selection. NOW... some 'DJ's' don't even do this yet still they must be a 'DJ' because they have paid a graphic designer to design them a cover while they compile a playlist off iTunes... Fuck, a HUGE bulk of the mixtape scene currently is devoured by 'DJ's' that tick ALL of these boxes and that isn't right at all...

So, with all that said, I just wanna step in this game and do the shit properly. Why can't people do that? The state of the industry right now really should allow cats to be like 'fuck all that other shit' and just do real music... Everybody knows there is little to no money in the game so what do you have to lose? ... Do things with a little more depth, integrity and soul, shit which has been missing for years now.

I guess that is the kind of angle I was coming from with the title of this mixtape... Like, something needed to be said and done so I had to get at you, in between all of the bullshit you might be absorbing I had to do this... So, I'm saying...